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It’s interesting to discover what we think we didn’t have in us always. Believe it or not our hands have been given power to be utilized for God’s purpose. Just a will to do it is enough.     I believe it can happen. And people still perform miracles everyday by touching and healing sick people, all alone with their hands.

Let me say this with an example so that you may get a vivid perception. It was the time where Moses had been entrusted with the task of bringing his people out of Egypt as the Lord had commanded. After bringing the people of Israel out of Egypt, they were told to camp at Pi-Hahiroth (Exodus 14). But the Egyptians got close and the people started to panic and so they alerted Moses. At this point the Lord was about to rescue them through the Red Sea. The Lord told Moses as it says in Exodus 14:16 “Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.” So the Sea divided and they were able to cross to the other side.

Once more Moses saves his people when Amalek chose to fight with the Israelites (Exodus 17). Here, Moses lifted his hands again and when he lifted them, he saw that the enemy would be defeated. When he rested it, he saw that his people were getting defeated.

Give a thought. If our mighty God could rescue Moses from the Red Sea just by raising his hands, just imagine how God can trample down spiritual forces trying  to create obstructions in our lives when we do the same. What I mean to say is lift your hands in prayer to the Lord and see victories yourself. Just a simple thing to do and yet victory is still waiting to receive us.

Moses who lifted up his hands saw the Red Sea moving aside which created a path of dry ground for the people to walk on. Have you realized wherever water forms it creates a wet ground? But here there was dry ground to avoid getting drowned. That is the Lord’s miracle. After crossing the Red Sea, Moses raised his hands again and the Sea closed itself. The best of the best of Pharaoh’s armies drowned that night. All just by raising his hands. Amen!

I hope that you have realized the significance of the hands that God has given us. He created every part of the body with a purpose. With God’s mighty hands he shaped us. And with those, we ourselves can do miracles. Yes we can do miracles just with our hands alone. Touch someone and pray for him in the mighty name of Jesus with faith. If that person was sick, sickness would have left him alone. I believe extraordinary things can happen. And it’s never too late for anything.

“Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name”  – Psalms 63:4

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    I Tim 2:8 also says, ‘I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands’. Yes! Praying with lifted hands shows humility and an act of surrendering unto the mighty Hands of God, which open’s God’s favor and blessings upon us.

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