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Our minds can make us weak. Our minds can also make us strong. The most challenging part is how best to guard it. But it is still a simple task. It is the enemy’s ultimate strategy to penetrate you and keep you his prisoner. The mind can be the weakest part making it vulnerable to our enemy. It is simply fragile. One wrong move and you will break your relationship with God. Otherwise, you need not worry.

Imagine a glass of water which is half full. The water is your relationship with God. Hence the more water you add, the more your level of  relationship  with God increases. Otherwise it will just be the same. Now imagine the glass as your mind. Imagine it falling down and shattering apart. What did just happen? The glass broke into different pieces and there is no room for the water to hold itself. It’s the exact same thing that is going to happen. If you don’t hold your mind, in a matter of seconds, it will shatter you into a thousand pieces until and unless you keep your mind closed to the devil by praying and worshipping our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Let me say that the enemy has already had this strategy from the beginning of the world itself starting with Eve which is why, we have fallen short of the glory of God. A beautiful piece of glass lost is lost forever but your mind can still be taken back from the enemy.

It seems that the task is impossible but it is a simple one. For the Lord nothing has seemed impossible. Just simply pray to the Lord to have control of your mind and the Spirit shall guide your thoughts. And it will direct you in God’s ways. Never leave control of your mind.

The mind has always been either a weak point for many people. Never keep it idle. Let it fire up and be of use to the Lord. Let our mind and our soul belong to the Lord. I hope you will realize the significance it’s not everyday that you will get chances to retrieve what’s lost. With the Lord by your side, you will get your chance to retrieve yourself but if you keep on losing it then one day it may just be gone forever.

Never let your thoughts control you, never let your desires overcome you because everything comes through the mind. What you think is what you do and if you keep on doing it then it’s you alone that’s going to wander about in the desert.

Time is always precious. A second can always make a difference in anyone’s lives by the decision they take. That is why runners win, strategies are either successful or a disaster and family relationships either fortunate or misery. So what I am trying is change your mind, nurture it for God to take control of you and His will alone will make your life jovial with all that you need.

So what do you think? Are you ready to hand over yourself to Christ? Do it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow because you don’t what it brings forth.

Love & Regards


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