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A Study on Colossians – Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 on the study on Colossians. If you haven’t visited Part 1, here’s the link. We will be visiting chapter one today to get in depth about the church in Colossae. In my previous blog post, I … Read More

A Study on Colossians – Part 1

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How would you like to learn the book of Colossians? It all began a long time ago in Colossae, a small city in Asia Minor (which is now modern Turkey), where a group of believers had started to practice a … Read More

It’s Christmas!

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It’s Christmas time! Before we know it, it’s that time of the year where children cheer up for Santa Claus as they wait for him to come up with a load of gifts behind his back, eagerly waiting for what … Read More

Nothing Is Impossible With God!

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Have you ever wondered how marvellous the creation of the universe was? It is a miracle, the very first ever recorded in history. Behind every such divine phenomenon, is a person who is either known or unknown. In this case, … Read More

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