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Have you ever noticed that it’s the smallest thing that becomes the biggest? The shortest fights turn into a brawl between two friends, a small talk sometimes turns into a rash talk or perhaps even a little thought about violence disrupts world peace. Why? Are our cultures responsible for mental upbringing? Or are we morally satisfied with the way we are?

Talking about cultures, they vary from one country to another; some teach to embrace your temper and your pride whereas others promote harmony. It is not all that perfect as we see but to an extent many have somewhat conquered the art of serenity or the ability to keep calm within. They see the world not for its affluent culture but for its beauty. They are calm when everybody else is caught in the storm. Life is never easy but if we are not calm within, then we are never going to reach where we need to.

The little things in life are the ones that really need to be taken care of. The tiniest fracture in a component, the smallest signs of burnout in an employee, the child who constantly complains of abuse all have one thing in common. These are symptoms of bigger problems but seldom do we realize that they are crucial. It is time we treat the symptoms for its causes.

How do we treat this?

1. Be Empathetic

“Love is the greatest commandment” – Matthew 22:36-40.

The first challenge for us to conquer is seeing from others perspective. Many have a wrong habit of thinking that they are right. In fact, they could be wrong more than they know it. Pride has the habit of sneeking into our thoughts – forcing us to never give up our ego which, if surrendered, would cause hurt to our mental thought process.

Love indeed is the way to treat this disruptive thought process. It might not be the usual way for us to deal with situations but being empathetic as a by-product of love has far more advantages. To treat these symptoms, love is the greatest medicine.

Love is the invisible friend that will shape our societies to draw closer to God and at the same time will fill all the void within us. God is love. And it is this love that simply does all the things that we could not do till now. It is not seen but it is this attribute that unites us together. The love of Christ on the cross is the most powerful message ever seen. It is a love letter to the lost, the dead and the weak.

2. Learn to forgive

An obstacle to empathy is our inability to forgive. This is never easy as cultures, lifestyle or even social environments play a role in shaping our thoughts. Forgiveness brings a lot of peace within. It might not be easy to forgive at first, but it plays a big role in solving the small things. As you learn to forgive, you also learn to be at peace within yourself. The little things will take you far ahead than you imagine.

To forgive once makes no sense; to forgive twice is not even adequate; to forgive indefinitely is what Christ sought in each and every individual. He set the example on the Cross with his life. It is not in human nature to forgive others as they do to us. Nevertheless, God gives us the ability to let go what we cannot do alone.

3. Take it one step at a time

This is important. We know that doing things all together can result in doing nothing at all. Instead, we can slowly learn from our mistakes one step at a time. It is in our nature to race ahead of time. With God, you are already ahead of time. Your success tomorrow depends on the mistakes you have corrected today. Learn to move with God, walk with Him or to run with Him.

Start today. Breath in, breath out and learn to take things in slowly. You have all the time in the world. Keep your faith in God and He will surely reach out His arms to you.

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