Stay on Guard

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I remember that every time I start out for something big, there are always setbacks. Yesterday, as I was preparing to finish out my blog post for its final edit, my laptop crashed. It was a nightmare because something like this had never happened before. For three hours, I tried various options. Today morning, by the grace of God it was back online in pristine condition.

Over a few hours, I learnt a few things that I would like to share with you.

1. Take Nothing for Granted

While preparing for one final edit for the previous day’s blog post, a computer crash never actually crossed my mind. I did not anticipate the need for a backup. It had caught me by surprise. I suddenly remembered that we take God’s Word for granted with ease thinking that we are perfect and we are totally fine with it. Our mind and body then is no longer under our control rather it is under control of the enemy.

How consistent are we with the way that we spend time with God? It is not just on a Sunday that we are a Christian. We are Christians every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Time is taken for granted. So are the opportunities we have to worship God at our homes taken for granted.

The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the churches, stresses the importance of the gospel almost everywhere in his journey. Paul stayed and argued with the truth about the gospel against the Jews wherever he went. Many believed but many turned away. The many who saw and experienced the Lord, invested time and effort in promoting the truth.

We have been tasked with the authority to to preach and to cast out evil spirits in Jesus name. Yet, we take them lightly and wait for our time to come. In fact, now is our time. What if we miss the chance to preach the gospel to a dear one or a lost soul? Wouldn’t we regret that opportunity? When the time comes, we have to boldly present the word of God as it is to the person the Spirit shows us. It need not be the case always. You may also feel compelled to speak spontaneously as the situation speaks for itself.

2. Always Be Vigilant

Being prepared for circumstances can help us in times of need. We naturally assume that anything extraordinary can be dealt with. Staying alert actually prepares us for contingencies.

At times, we are caught by surprise by the enormous size of the obstacle in front of us. As children of God, we are being molded for bigger purposes so it is the intention of the enemy to let us fall. We should not be astounded by its size. We are waging war against spiritual forces that we cannot see. It all happens in the background. The obstacle diminishes in size as we pray.

Ephesians 6:13 asks us to wear the armor of God. In unforeseen circumstances, we have to equip ourselves against “the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

Sometimes, we are compelled to keep Jesus aside for a moment, for our momentary pleasures. That does more danger than anything else. Always cling on to God 24/7 even for the smallest thing.

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