Heaven Is Near

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One of the messages that Jesus often said was “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” He emphasized this point, hinting the end times that would soon come in a blink of an eye. An act of repentance often includes surrender. Our minds battle against it but the Word of God helps us to submit to Him. Humility is very much significant as we submit to God in this process. Quite often, this is still a quality that is missing in many of us.

Jesus came in the flesh to take our sins in the flesh. In the New Testament, or the “New Covenant”, Jesus sacrifices himself as the Lamb that takes the sins of the world upon himself, by pouring his blood on the Cross. It was a painful ordeal, prophesied years in advance by the prophet Isaiah. It was this death that would become a turning point in history – Millions would receive salvation as a result of this outcome. And many would have access to the throne of God.

The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and his subsequent resurrection meant that He is coming back. As a result of his death, Jesus was able to bring in everyone closer to the Father.

In all of Jesus’s preachings, He set the bar higher. Prior to the New Testament, your sin was counted only if you committed an erroneous act. In the New Testament, however, Jesus implies in all of his teachings that the heart needs to be taken care of. As the Bible says, “Out of the heart flows the issues of life.”

“Repent, for Kingdom of Heaven is near” – is a close warning that reverberates throughout the globe. It is now or never, that we choose to adhere to his principles. They are the way to life.

We have the luxury of following Christ at a time when many do not receive the opportunity to hear the Word. We have the Maker, the Savior and our Redeemer, that bears all our burdens. In His Second Coming, he will lift up everyone back to Him. Jesus came as the newsbearer, that all receive Him, inherit the Kingdom of God. He came to preach the good news, that we still have a chance to be free from what held us before in bondage.

Dear friends, start by receiving Jesus now into your life. And you will get to know his kingdom, which is nothing like anyone has ever seen before.

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