Crossing by Faith!

Crossing by Faith!

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“They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” – Mark 4:41

A pastor spoke once preaching the following:
“Jesus and the disciples got onto the boat and were about to cross the sea onto the other side. But as they crossing by, they were struck by the wind and they screamed, “Lord, save us!” Our lives are similar to the story. As we cross by to the other side, there will surely be storms along the way. We should remember who is along with us on the boat. It is our duty not to give up hope. Satan may rejoice for a short time. But not forever. Turn away all negativity when the bondages don’t break away. God will redeem us at the right time.”

The disciples were terrified of the storm that came by. As they were crossing by, the storm pushed them onto the other side. Life is just like that. It pushes us onto the other side. Remember it is not the wave that should concern us. It is who that is in the midst of the wave is what should concern us. God created the waves and the sea. And makes sure he won’t test us beyond our capacity.

Stay in faith praising God for the victory He is going to give us. And claim it in Jesus name. Experiences are for a lifetime. Feel the electrifying power of God flow through your arms. Make sure to write down all your experiences in a book. Prepare a journal. Go through what God did for you again and again. And keep praising. NEVER LET THE PRAISES STOP!

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