A Forgiving God

A Forgiving God

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“You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy.” – Micah 7:18.

Not everybody understands how compassionate Christ is. If you really delve deep into the histories in the Bible, you will find that God displayed his mercies many times even when the people were arrogant against him. I have heard many people say about the flood in Noah’s time that it was cruel of God to do so. His main aim was purification. If God had his way, we would never even be alive today. David often used to praise God in Psalms about the compassion and mercies God displays. Remember that even David lost his firstborn because of his wickedness but God never punished him as a result of the promise made towards Abraham.

These are challenging times where we have to display our faith. Finding reasons to excuse ourselves from doing our part will only lead to condemnation in eternity. There are times where we naturally think why God acts differently than what we presume about Him – a kind and loving God. Let us remember that it was Him who made us and formed us with his own hands. God has a protocol to follow. We can’t bend the rules as we like whenever we want.

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