His Love Lasts Forever!

His Love Lasts Forever!

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Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” – Psalms 63:3

I have often thought that it would be easy to love God, but the real challenge comes when we go through the mountains and the valleys. Will we keep the same love that we had in the beginning? I have to admit that I have fallen a little. I had sometimes felt as if life had no purpose at all. The very fact that God still cares for his sheep is what led me to stay on the path of Christ. I may be a born again person but that wouldn’t matter in these circumstances, would it? We sometimes tend to black out God’s power by simply shutting down ourselves.

I often think that if Christ hadn’t gotten hold of me, who would have? We often underestimate God’s love. We doubt the authenticity of his love and how legitimately he cares for his own sheep. Let me say that the experiences we face are the ones that really tell us who God really is. The love for God never sprouts by simply bragging that he loves us. We have to actually let God know that we are ready to experience Him. His love will then take over and calm the storm within us.

For me the love of God has personally brought me out of those stages where I thought life had no way out. This is Christ who makes the promise and I personally believe that He will deliver us at the right time.

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