The Waiting Process

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“Wait for the Lord, And keep His way, And He shall exalt you to inherit the land.” – Psalms 37:34.

At first glance, this is difficult. Yes, I know. From experience, waiting is the hardest part that is not easy at all. This happens to all of us. Fast forward and you will realise that it is the joy that comes after the waiting period where the beauty of God’s plan lies in.

We often rush when it comes to reality. Lord your will be done – this is the prayer that we pray every day. When it comes to reality, the delays are making us less and less patient everyday. Slowly, the anxiousness sets in. Our heart pounds and our strength fails us. And gradually, the revelation that we had before fades away.

Waiting may cause us to be numb. Prayers may sound less interesting. Hope may have vanished. You may have lost your grip on faith but in the end when everything is calm, God brings his plans to the front. God does all things for his glory. The verse above itself says God will exalt those who have waited all this while to inherit their promises. It means he will lift the heads up of all those who had bowed their heads down before. All we need is His strength.

Waiting is never easy. It needs a strong will power and a bold heart. At a time where prosperity is preached more than persecution and where the pleasures of the flesh are sought after more than the will of God, we really don’t have time to wait. Time is always money to the businessman. But when everything comes to a halt, then there is always time for him to wait for the Lord. God had everything sorted in a specific manner. He created the heavens and the earth one at a time. He did not create it all in one day. And He saw that it was good. This is why waiting may result in God’s beauty to be revealed in the end. We may have a plan but it is the Lord’s plan that keeps us moving in the end.

Take some time to realise that God is working behind the scenes to prepare the stage for us to be exalted.

God bless,


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