God vs Probability

God vs Probability

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We all have questions – How can there be a creator? If there is evil and suffering, why isn’t God responding? How do we know God exists? Why should I believe in God if I cannot see Him? Take a moment to deeply think about it through this post, and help us get you on track.

The best thing I have read about the argument that there is a Creator is from the Evidence Bible by Ray Comfort. Here is what it says –

“If you see a building, you know that there is a builder. While the builder may not be visible at all times, you realise that he is the reason the building is there today. A building cannot rise up itself. It has to be built by someone.” How true! At a time when common sense is fading, Ray explains the point that has been debated for decades or maybe centuries, in a clear cut manner. Atheists have argued the point that there is no creator and hence the world formed on it’s own. How can they explain the source of life or even the birth of their greatest of all grandfathers? Definitely not the Darwin theory. If that had happened, then we wouldn’t have been a masterpiece. I definitely would have been a lot uglier right now if I had my origins from a lizard ( as explained by Richard Dawkins ). My body would have been deformed and I would be looking awkward. How then do we explain our origins then if evolution has been proved wrong?

The Bible says that each one of us were created in God’s image – Genesis 1:27. Yes. When I look at myself or even others for that matter, I see the beauty in which that God created us. Look at yourself in the mirror. You have those gleaming eyes – black, green, brown, blue, amber, hazel or even silver depending on your origins. We all have our pair of feet and a pair of hands. How marvelous! For the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalms 139:14.¬† It is simply logical. If there isn’t a source, then there is nothing at all. If you need light in your room, you need a power source. And like all things that have been made, even we have a source of life – God. The Bible says all things were made through Him, and nothing has been made that was not made by Him – John 1:3.

Ray also explains one more thing in his argument about a creator – that there is incredible order. It makes me ponder on the solar system first, and then everything right here on earth. If we have a look at the planets and their path around the sun, you may have noticed that they don’t collide each other. Earth was positioned perfectly away from the Sun. Too close means we get burnt alive. Too far and we may die freezing to death. Even the slightest things have a mystery. This explains why we see an absolute work all around us. The universe, the millions of galaxies in it and finally in a small geoid – Human beings. In spite of all that we see, many are still reluctant to believe the fact that God exists.

There are two things that are debated: the notion that there is a universal God who created us and the probability that He created everything we see around us or the probability that nothing was created by Him and everything formed on it’s own out of nothing. Even if my answer were to be objective, my answer would be yes there is a Creator. If it was subjective, even then my answer would be yes there is a Creator.

Objectively speaking, quoting the examples made above that of the builder and of order in everything we see, I see the marvelous design in everything around me leaving me in awe of what I see. Einstein was the first to speak of this brilliant design that he saw which left him no doubt that there was a creator. The only thing was he couldn’t recognize who it was. Repeatedly he has been quoted by atheists to which he was always against. He always believed that there was a universal creator.

Subjectively speaking, I have been touched by what God does for me. I still see how wonderfully I am being carried in His arms despite all my setbacks. I have seen that God speaks in times of trouble and many times I have had his hand take me away from grave disasters. I realise later that the power of God is greater in me than my own strength. We can test our thoughts and our emotions to see where it originates from. I have tried it and you too can see where the love of God comes from. I used to think that I believed in God because my mom believed. The fact was that I already believed but I needed to confirm that God wasn’t a story I was hearing anymore. We all have situations where we wake up suddenly to a realisation thinking where are we. Well God is right there when you need him. You just have to call Him now. If you look through 2 Chronicles 15:2 which says

‘Listen to me, Asa and all Judah and Benjamin. The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.

Atheists don’t have a solid argument to disprove that God exists. If one of them were in a hostile situation, their first words would be “God save me”. As I was listening to Dr. Ravi Zacharias speak one day, he spoke of how the world famous atheist Richard Dawkins had uttered the words “Oh my God” when he could not remember the chapters of his book. Dawkins who couldn’t remember those had criticised Christians for not being able to remember the books of the bible in a talk show with BBC.

For those whose minds are set on condemning the fact that God exists, the truth does not matter to them because they are focused on arguing their belief that God does not exist since this is what they believed in. And their focus is only to disprove that God exists. In the new testament, love is the greatest of all commandments. Without love, nobody clearly sees the straight path ahead right in front of them.


We centre our thoughts on the probability of an event that seems favorable to us. The most favorable ones are the choices that accept us or seem acceptable to us. When science has been relentlessly disproving God, the effect was that God was being found by those who did not choose to find him. A friend of mine, who was born in a traditional Christian family departed from the values that he was brought up with after joining college. He embraced atheism and its values for a while. It was the second year in college when the storm hit him hard. Trouble rose up and he got into some trouble. And there was not even a soul to help him this time. This time there was only GOD. He prayed, God listened. And he was out of it within no time.

‘If man is not made for God, why is he only happy in God?’ – Blaise Pascal

All have fallen short of the glory of God says the Bible. To keep falling again and again is a matter of choice. To keep ourselves away from falling again is the choice that we have to make.

Let me conclude by saying that since recent times, we have been unconsciously falling into the trap of believing a stranger rather than verifying the facts that person has made. Even when we are unaware of the facts completely, we acknowledge the truth plainly without accurately determining it’s authenticity. Let wisdom win over all the tricks of the devil.

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    Well written and a thought provoking article Jerin. I believe in theistic evolution – I definitely do believe organisms do undergo evolution which is conspicuously occurring but I definitely do not believe a million years of evolution could create such a masterpiece. His fingerprints are on all of us, its real hard to deny that. And as you correctly mentioned there is an incredible amount order and precision involved in everything from an atom to the massive galaxies. It doesn’t come from trial and error only an excellent Creator can do that. All I can say is Christ’s creation leaves my dumbfounded and in awe of His greatness. Its humbling for a scientist. Thank you for sharing with us! God bless

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