The First Step – Commitment

The First Step – Commitment

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Are you committed into that deep, zealous relationship with the Lord? Are you seeking God’s will in your life? Or are you feeling lost somewhere deep within? Here we speak of the beginnings of a life with God. How to keep yourself moving and how to cling onto Him – that’s the topic we speak about today.




An important step which is easily overlooked in life is Commitment. Commitment can be defined as  “a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.” It is one cause that we invest time in. It could be personal, social or career related. It means involving yourself deeply in something or with someone by committing your time and your energy for a specific purpose.


We see such a person in the Bible – Daniel, a great leader and a man of God, who put God first in all that he did. His commitment towards God was unique. It was visible right from the day he was chosen for the king’s service. A man who was of royal blood, he was seen by God. In everything he did, He had God’s presence all over it.


Daniel was a man who was on his knees three times a day. In his adversities, he called upon the Lord and was given the answers to all his prayers. Daniel never failed even once. He only kept proving that the Lord was mightier than all the other gods in Babylon. Worshipping God was his topmost priority. He never set out his heart once for the world desires he could easily get. He kept his faith, worshipped the Lord and gave Him all glory. Daniel was honored in the king’s presence as he would be offered a high position later in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom (Read Daniel Chapters 1-4).


Many great spiritual leaders honored God with their commitment. God stays with you when you stay with Him. How about we take that decision right now to never break apart? We see above that it was Daniel’s commitment to God that made him higher. Such commitment made him a special one among the rest. Daniel’s relationship with God was a kind that I believe is unique. His love for God gave him the best. Such talent to interpret deep inner meanings is the quality of a divine man whose relationship is more than what words can express.


Most of us are Sunday Christians. But that kind of a commitment never supplements a good relationship with God. He needs our perfect commitment. He needs us and we need Him. In a perfect commitment with God, nothing can stand between you and Him to break it apart into two.




Israel set back years of prosperity through their lack of obedience which set apart God’s will for them to a later time. Their obedience alone would have saved them years of slavery. Time after time, their lack of patience and their disobedience angered God which made Him delay His promises to them. As God had promised Abraham that he would be a ‘father of nations’, Israel received their Promised Land when they were actually ready to receive their promises.


God chose Israel to be the perfect example of His own people. But their actions and their lack of stability infuriated God by making Him delay His promises. Had the nation of Israel taken their vows seriously, none of the above would have happened. A lack of commitment in their actions alone, resulted in what could have prevented years of misery at the hands of their enemies.


A true commitment, a long lasting desire to follow God in His footsteps from deep within the heart is what that is needed. Prayer should supplement the above and a strong bond should follow as you are travel in God’s footsteps. I have realized that once you are with God, it is all that you need – not the world. Not every one is by our side in our time of need. But God’s presence is there in every situation. The commitment we have in the beginning will prove itself that God is above all things.




I would like to say that in all that you do and as you walk by with God keep learning what He has taught you. As I have noticed for the past few years, a lack of commitment has failed to teach many people great things. When you are with God and He is with you, God provides us with the opportunity to learn great things that we may have never even heard of. Keep learning along the way as you walk that path with God.


Sometimes we fail because our commitment with God has come to a standstill. Anything can happen – a financial problem or even a failure in our career, to break apart the relationship we have with our Father. I have seen lives be less ordinary because the commitment they had towards God was very less. A look into many lives taught me that what matters most is how close we are with God. Our society boasts of the high regard they have for the Lord but in the end I realized, it was nothing more than what a poor man has towards God.


How would you feel if your dreams came to a stop? Before dreams comes to a stop, commit your whole self to God. God in His perfect understanding and perfect knowledge will surely show you the best way for you to achieve those dreams. If you are a person who lives with shattered dreams, let me say it’s not too late and God can still give you back what you lost. He will surely revive them. Only if you could just surrender your life to Him, He will put life to those dreams and bring back the happiness in your soul.


I remember this verse all the time – “Far be it from me! Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.” – 1 Samuel 2:30. This reminds me often of why I should remain committed towards my relationship with God. Rewards alone aren’t my intention. But when God honors somebody, He honors them to the highest place they deserve.




Stay committed with God by following these simple steps:


1.Walk with God

Have a time set up for God alone in your daily planner. Work out that relationship with God. Find that way of staying in touch with God daily. After a while, you begin to bear the fruit of that relationship in Him. A basic necessity for commitment is time. In time, God changes according to God’s will.


David till the end, extolled God with praises which overflowed from his mouth. Even though he sinned, he was still a man after God’s own heart. How could that ever happen? Because he revered God highly above anything else. He still walked according to God’s will. God honored him back by establishing his throne forever in Israel. His lineage would continue to rule Israel later on.


Prayer is a necessity. That’s how you speak to God. Speak to Him; Talk to Him as if He is right beside you. Let God throw in the answer. Nothing happens for the worst. Everything happens for the good of all those who love Him – Romans 8:28. Remember how Daniel prayed three times a day when everyone intended to put him in bars. In the end, even the lion couldn’t touch Daniel.



All of us have faith but when it comes to taking that big leap – do we have it? Make it happen. Simply believe it’s God who is working it out all for you. Because only faith can move mountains.


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