The Beginning – The Glory that Faded

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It all began with a master plan that God had prepared and He had it all set to bring his Creation to life before the beginning of the universe. He was a perfectionist and among his many plans Earth was set to take its place in the Milky Way galaxy as the planet that would be the first to begin life. In the preliminary days, Genesis 1 notes that “earth was formless and empty, filled with darkness till the surface of the deep”. God created Earth in a void where practically nothing existed and in it, He had his creation brought to existence – Man and Woman. In the initial days, God’s glory was widely present in everything. Gradually, as sin got an opportunity it began to fade. Let’s delve more deeper into the original plan as God saw it.


It was a unique design that God had in mind for his Creation; a glorious masterpiece would be revealed and they would reside in His glory forever. A well thought out plan that was never flawed at any stage suddenly dropped when Eve bit the apple against God’s will. This subsequently led sin to nullify the friendship that had been in God’s great plan for us. A constant communication was lost and man lost touch with God’s presence. And that is where the glory of God began to fade.

Man is the epitome of God’s creation. Everything we are today resembles his image as said in the following verse:

Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Genesis 1:26

Come to the present day and this image resembles something else other than God. We distort this resemblance to let darkness prevail over us rather than the light. God said “You are the light of the world” – Matthew 5:14. In reality, we have faded away from being the light by deliberately distorting the image God gave us. This image reflects who He is. God wants to restore it and he is willing as long as we are. God values our relationship so much at that appointed hour He sent his Son Jesus to break the barrier in that relationship and to save those who inherited his promises. By sending His Son to the lost sheep, man resembled the light once more. And there was hope for those believed; even for the gravest sinner.

By being the light, we become a light to others seeking it which is like a street lamp that lights up the road. Real Christianity means becoming a light that never stops glowing and to keep on glowing, we have to be enlightened with the Word. God’s will is to see his name established.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” – Isaiah 52:7.


Sin and shame did not even exist in the beginning because in God’s power nothing impure could exist. Sin reveals our nakedness but the glory of God covers it. God sent His son to cover his remnants with His glory so that no one would be found unholy in the sight of the Lord. As soon as the serpent deceived Eve into eating the fruit, sin entered with a blow and revealed their nakedness. This shows how much the glory of God had departed away from Adam and Eve when they realized that they could feel shame. They had become impure in the eyes of Him who desires holiness in us as we are his temple (1 Corinthians 6:19). God could not dwell in them anymore and neither were they able to bear fruit for him nor walk with him.

What would have been the course of the world if Eve had not touched that fruit? It definitely would be a good communion with God. A relationship with him outranks everything else.

This teaches us two things:
1. Sin blocks our communication with God.
2. It creates a disparity between man’s will and God’s will.

For thousands of years, we were confined in the dark without being able to fully realize the real power of God and his glory. And for the thousands of years after the Second Coming, God promises that His glory alone will shine forever (Isaiah 60:19, Revelations 21:23). There will be no light other than the glory that comes from him. How wonderful! When sin broke the original plan, God began to plan an even greater one. Together, man and God would dwell together as He desired. He foretold them through his prophets years ago even before we were born. To fathom God’s plan is like taking a measuring tape and rolling it out looking for it’s end. It’s immeasurable beyond imagination.

We could never fully understand the depth of the relationship God wanted us to have. A complete understanding was void, in other terms, we closed up our mind to the will of God. Israel’s stubbornness is a great instance why many times they were rejected but God in his love brought them back.


God still has his eyes on everyone, which is why he sent his Son Jesus. Sin broke God’s plan so he decided to break it and bring everyone back into his arms. He was pleased with the Son as the crucifixion had now restored the relationship without any hindrance. Together, it would be the greatest teamwork of all time.

Recently, I received an opportunity to attend a mission school. I was blessed to attend a eight-week mission class to understand the need of becoming a missionary. It is beyond words to explain how God operates in the midst of storms where fear and persecution are common in many parts of the world. At the very first class, the missionary explained about the prayer Jesus had prayed before this crucifixion,

“My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” – Matthew 26:39

The cup as I had imagined was the suffering he was about to take upon himself. In fact, as the missionary had explained, it was the wrath of God that Jesus took upon himself that made us holy before God.

It has always been about the relationship with the Creator. Some go further whereas others stop at a point. It is all about the choice we make. Enoch is a good example of how a deeper friendship with God is possible. He walked with God for three hundred years until he was no longer found as his relationship had a deep impact on the way God approached him. God had the deepest sympathy for man which is why he couldn’t destroy them altogether. The death of one man could save all of mankind because His blood was enough to save the lost as he bore it all on the cross for once and for all. Many still doubt Jesus’s existence. And the Cross is the answer to it all. If that wasn’t enough, then nothing will ever be enough.

How often do we think about bearing God’s image in us? Becoming Christ’s ambassadors means that we have an extraordinary responsibility in practicing the gospel as per its terms and conditions without violating any of its commandments. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God.” – Matthew 5. The gospel is the peace that we desire. It’s power to redeem is the one we long for. It can be easily obtained yet it is easily forgotten. As the ambassador represents a nation, so are we establishing God’s kingdom to which the keys have already been given. Jesus had one goal in mind; to save as many as he can so that his glory may resonate once more for all eternity in such a way that everyone may really see who he really is.

A video shared recently by a friend of mine showed a sister in Christ who very clearly stated a purpose that we are here for – we are here to give glory and not to take it. Let’s give all glory to the One who made us, for the peace that he has brought to the world and enabling us to be equipped for the kingdom that he has established.

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