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Ever fallen into a love trap? Frustrated after results? Or have you been in a situation that has made you think DEATH all the time? Let me tell you. You have a choice. It’s either to live or die. If you are in a desperate situation, you will choose the latter. It’s your brain’s last attempt to make you forget everything that has happened and put an end to everything. But you can overcome simply just by thinking the positive side of life. I know that you may have read many articles about life and living peacefully. But you may not be satisfied with it. So let me make an attempt to bring you out of suicide.

First, let me say to those who have fallen into love traps. Just moments ago, I read a survey about women outdoing men at sexting. It includes sex chats as well as uploading sexual videos. Either they are coerced to do it or they wilfully do it. What happens in reality is that their boyfriends once they get a hold of the video they may ask them for more threatening them to publish it online. Let me present a simple solution for this. Refer to 2 Timothy 2:22 which says “Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.” It’s just a simple thing to follow. It’s clear that in our youth we are tempted by the devil for sexual desires or lust of the flesh. Remember lust of the body itself is a sin outside marriage. So people who fall for such traps, just stay away for a little while away from sexual desires. At the right time, you can have all that you want. I have seen and heard people saying about such things. Never have sex before marriage. For it destroys your soul. You can contract many diseases like gonorrhoea or STDs. Time and time again; we have been given repeated warnings by many doctors and researchers. Yet we avoid them and bring disaster upon ourselves, the result being a devastated life full of sorrow and misery by not being able to have children, or not being able to have a wonderful sex life. I am in my youth and the same feelings have come for me too. But it’s my responsibility as a Christian to take care of not falling into sin. Promise yourself that you are going to take a decision to never fall into sin.

Second, to those who are frustrated by your results? If you have failed, remember it’s all for good. It may be awkward hearing this. God’s plan is something else for you than what you have thought about. “For his ways are higher than the heavens above” is what the Bible says. Always be positive and clearly sort out the problem. The devil can trick you into suicide to join him in hell. So let go of such thoughts and say” In Jesus name, I claim victory in my life” Then you can see the changes that will happen in your life. All bondage will break free and you will have victory after victory. So pray first, aim high and stay focused. Sometimes Jesus uses such situations to bring you towards him. That’s how he brought me closer. I failed but now I have won. Praise be to God most high.

Now for the rest of the world. You may have had a failed marriage or something terrible must have happened to you. Just relax. Everything will work fine out fine if you just calm yourself. If your solution is suicide, then go ahead. But remember you won’t gain anything out of it. Only Hell will be open for you. Suicide will never lead you to Heaven. It’s a known fact. But you can avoid it. Just call upon Jesus to save you from your troubles. Deeply commit to him. Fast if the problem is serious. NEVER GIVE UP! Giving up will only worsen your troubles. Remember Patience brings Virtue!

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