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Every time we try to do something for Christ, we face a number of obstacles. It’s either when we try to say a word about Jesus to someone or when we try to go and worship Him, the enemy comes in immediately into that moment. This is what slows us down. So when we try to do such things, it is the devil that stops us. So what should we do? BE BOLD!¬†Go and say no matter whatever it is that you have to say that you have to say about Christ. Remember God has control over you, not man. It’s God who sees what you do, not man. The Lord will honor you for what you have done. He sees that you are close to him and blesses you accordingly. If you face obstacles, put them aside because it is the enemy that brings it. And it will keep on happening. Be bold! That’s what I have to say. No matter what, say what you have to say or do whatever god desires you to do.

The devil can come in many ways. He can either snoop into the minds of people we know and object you from doing your task. Or something else will come up at that time. Remember it’s his game. He’s prepared the field for you to keep you falling. But the ball is in your court. Play it well and defeat him. And you will stand up taller one day.

Before I started to make this site, I had this huge burden in my mind. I never knew it was Jesus trying to persue me to do his work. But I realised it a little bit but never tried to do it though. The devil slowed me a little though but I came back up. Remember, the Bible says in Romans that when we have the Holy Spirit in us, we think about spiritual things. So I wanted to do this. Through failures I realised that he wanted me to do his work. That’s how Jesus brings you closer. Through failures. But ultimately he makes you victorious, standing tall in front of everyone. If you have any such burden, realise it and act sooner. Now after proclaiming my faith about Jesus, I feel much relieved. In everything I started getting better. It was great to be back.

What should you do to be bold? Stand up and say to the enemy that you are not going to surrender. Can you do that? If yes, you are fit to be God’s soldier. You need to make a decision now or never. Any decision you take, try not to make it late. The saying Better Late than Never never applies here. So take your stand. Are you going to be ready when Christ comes? If so do it soon. Act fast because He is going to come soon. As I said before, he is just waiting patiently for everyone to turn to him.

Every time an obstacle comes, just pray in the name of Jesus and the power will break all bondage. God’s word has more power than any other. Just don’t worry, God is with you.

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  1. Soumya
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    Hi Jerin
    Donny had introduced this blog to me and had told me to look out for it. I have read all you posts so far and I am absolutely thrilled by the way God is using you. I agree 100% about the latest post that you have shared; one problem that can become a setback in a believer’s life is the hindrance one faces to talk about Jesus to others. It’s something I am having a tough time overcoming. But your message is definitely an encouragement for me. Kudos for the good work and keep writing…
    God bless

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