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In the march for Christ, we are not to forfeit ourselves. Our mind as well as our body has to be prepared for it. Doing something for Christ or knowing him and then just sitting there isn’t what Christ requires of us. We have so much to do before the time of His arrival. That is why we have to march forward.

March forward by breaking every physiological and psychological barrier. Daily instances of such things would be immoral thoughts, laziness and procrastination.   You have the power of the name of Jesus freely given to you to keep aside every obstacle. Thwart them away because it’s time we stand up to be a better individual, both for us and for Christ. Depression, anxiety, fear and hypertension, what more do you need to break down? You have to realise as God’s princes and princesses we don’t need them. Believe me, it’s just a waste of our own time.

I was very thoughtful about the topic for sometime now. I would like to address a matter we always overlook. Sometimes we just stay at one point. We think that “Oh, I have read the bible. I have understood everything that Jesus has explained to me. And I am perfect now.” Well  then  my dear  friend,  you  are  wrong.         I missed the same path thinking like this. That is just simply not enough. Until you receive his anointing on you and unless you have reached the top of the mountain never stop. Like a soldier, march forward and learn to think like him because a soldier always sees a way before him no matter what the barrier is. God has given his us word as a weapon. His word is a shield and his name is what destroys the barrier. Don’t leave your faith behind. In this long run, just don’t be lazy. Keep going on and on.

I have realized this is the way of some Christians in our society. They claim to have the grace of God. But still they experience problems and miseries. It applies not only to Christians but other believers as well. If we act not to see the path in front of us, we will be blind forever. Jesus said in John 12:40 “The Lord has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts–so that their eyes cannot see, and their hearts cannot understand, and they cannot turn to me and have me heal them?” How many of us go in that way? I’m sure majority of all the people have experienced that and even keep on having such experiences. Let go of it. Advance forward. Let go of all your thoughts. Start afresh with the word of God because you can still save yourself.

Our traditional styles will always have it’s effect on us. We are the ones who must realize how Jesus wants us to go. Or else, we will be blind. Let’s not make that happen to us. I especially don’t want to see believers just stopping right at that point. Why should we? I hope to God that they wake up and aim ahead. God never wants us to cease ourselves. The devil brings the barriers and we still have God to help us stand up for him. So what else do we need? Just go. Just forget about the past and reach the Lord Almighty.

So believers in Christ, keep on marching and remember no holding back.

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