God Lives!

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God is at the epicenter of all creation – both tangible and intangible. Even though he is invisible, his fingerprints are seen in every aspect of Earth’s creation. If we simply gaze at the stars in the sky, it is logical that they cannot simply form without a designer that sees a purpose to it and that is providing light. They are numerous like sand. We just cannot count how many there because they are light years away from our reach.

If we marvel at God’s ingenuity in creation of the universe, there is absolutely no limit to its beauty or his creative power. Let’s look into Earth’s case. It is the only planet that can support diverse forms of life – from minute organisms to behemoths – that all live in a manner suitable to their environment. The planet Earth was formed in such a way that it can accommodate both man and animal, shielding them from cosmic rays that are otherwise harmful to man. How could it all be possible if they nobody designed them to be there?

Christian apologists confirm on one thing – where there is a program, there is a programmer. Likewise, where there is a design, there is a designer. There is nothing that can come to existence without a source. If we see a building rise up ten storeys high, we know that there is a builder.

Earth was the creation of a highly intelligent being. That being God, only he can put pieces of a puzzle together. God is the external force that creates order out of nothing, in everything.

Christianity is a case where there is plenty of evidence. All we have to do is follow the breadcrumbs that ultimately leads everyone to the truth. Everything is within reach in the palms of our hands. Everyone who is on the quest to find Christ has found him. It is as the Bible says in Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

In the movie Case for Christ based on the same book written by Lee Strobel, it is seen that he was on the quest for evidence to disprove Christian beliefs. In an argument with his wife that lasted nearly two years, Lee eventually comes to the conclusion that Jesus is the Christ. None of the evidence could refute Jesus’s sacrifice on the Cross. From the place to the style of execution, it is all legitimate as he himself finds.

Dr. Frank Turek explains clearly in his sessions the truth about finding God that seldom do people seek the truth about God. Many are on a happiness quest rather than finding the truth.

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