From Least to Greatest

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David was a young boy when he was chosen as the King of Israel. The Lord called David as a “man after his own heart.” He was chosen as king to replace Saul whose his act of disobedience against the Lord led to his expulsion. Neither David’s appearance nor his age was a criteria for him to be king. It was by divine blessing that he had become leader of Israel.

We see a similar instance in Gideon’s calling – He was from the weakest clan in Manasseh but he was later called as “a brave warrior” by the Lord. Despite his position, he was called to lead Israel in a tumultuous time. He was hardly a military leader, not even equipped to fight a proper battle. Yet even in his lowly position, God took him and rose him up to a higher place – He was chosen to lead Israel to deliver them from the hands of the Midianites (Judges 6).

Joseph is another example – when his brothers sold him to the Egyptians, God saw his agony and made him favorable in the eyes of the the prison guard who put him as his assistant. Eventually, he ended up as governor of Egypt, second-in-command after the king.

What do they all have in common? These men rose from being the least in their family to the greatest in the kingdom. Their criteria was never a disadvantage. God was their advantage.

We see our weaknesses as a failure. You might be thinking “Oh! It is all gone now. There is nothing more to do.” God displays his strength in our weaknesses. On a case to case basis, we all go through situations that are sometimes not our fault. Sometimes, it is our fault that we did not heed God’s voice. Either way, God promises to restore us to the rightful place once we are back with him a hundred percent.

Once God has us back, he likes to plan every single detail of our lives – it will gradually become evident over the years. God has never forgotten anyone of us. He is just waiting for us to receive him in.

A wide picture of how much God has blessed us will come to realization as soon as he has fulfilled his promises. It is faith and it is always faith that will take us there.

In his last days, Moses saw a glimpse of Israel from Mount Nebo but he could not enter it as he had lost faith in between. Faith is the bridge that takes us to God. On the contrary, unbelief will pull us down.

Destiny does not make us great. God does. If our own fate was predetermined, then we would never need God. Instead, everything we do is our choice as free-willed creatures.

It is not our ability that took us up to heights. It is God who does it all in the background. From the least to the greatest, every hero in the Bible had God by their side.

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