Everything New!

Everything New!

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We are back! I feel like to resurrect my blog again and to do justice to all my sheep. Honestly, I haven’t been spending time with the blog as there were many circumstances in the past year and the beginning of this year that I could not comprehend. We keep asking God “Why me?”. God smiles and says “You have to compete with horses. That is what I am preparing you for. I need you resurrected; to be bolder twice as much as you were”. God has a purpose for us; to watch you glorify him. We have an obligation to fulfill it to the last. How do we do it if we are not bold enough to compete against circumstances? God promises us a future that we can forever hold on to. Are we ready to give it all up to him?

God spoke the waters and the land into existence and all living beings to life. He was overjoyed when he created us. And the next best thing was that we were created in His image. God was thinking about all the plans he had for us when suddenly it came to a full stop – Eve bit the apple, Adam followed it and finally sin was behind all mankind. God never had plans to stop and continued on with his power to rise up and finally break the bondage by resurrecting from the cross bearing all the sin forever that day. From then on, everything marked the beginning of the End. The fulfillment of each of those prophecies started giving us pointers about the end signs. God never stopped with the End. He also spoke of a new beginning. In fact, he promised the future will be for his own people. That is the love that we can never fathom and to God be all the glory.

Promises never last with us. But they last with God for a lifetime. God’s promises are not time bound or finite. They are infinite. God’s Will for us is never out of order; they all come in order at the right time. God is in the business of keeping promises and fulfilling them. He has never skipped a beat. Think about it. What if a promise didn’t happen and one day you just break down, thinking of all that could have happened if the promise occurred the way you planned. That is not how God works. He has years of experience in planning way ahead of us. God’s plan is the ultimate plan. What looks best in our sight is never the best in God’s sight. That is why he doesn’t give what we think we need at times.

God breathes life in every dark situation. Imagine Ezekiel’s astounding moment when he saw that supernatural vision; God breathed life into those bones that had no flesh. From nothing at all around him, Ezekiel saw an army of soldiers with flesh and bones rising around him. Imagine the awe again, when Ezekiel saw this vision and that moment when he realizes the power of God in front of him. God spoke life in the beginning and he can still do it again. Can we still believe that God can breathe life into every circumstance again and again? Yes and Amen!!

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground.” – Isaiah 44:3

When God wants to provide something new, he provides ways even through deserts. He completely changes the whole scenario in favor for us because his glory has to be revealed in all things. Nothing is a barrier in front of him because he built them all.
But there is one thing that we forget. Can you imagine what that could be?


“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”

This is one thing I learned recently. Forget what happened and let God move into the present. We have a tendency to dwell in the past and to keep revisiting all our memories again and again. But God says “I am here to do a new thing, do you not perceive it?” We are quick to make a visit to the past but a visit to the future sounds impossible. God asks us to perceive; to dream like he said he would do it by calling all things as it were there already.

God is there in every midst. But do we see it? The Bible reminds us of that all promises are a “Yes” in Christ. God can make everything new again and it is never too late for him to respond. He does everything amazing in it’s time. The book of Isaiah speaks of new streams through deserts, a metaphor for new ways that God provides in each person’s life. Believe and see it. All promises are a “Yes” in Christ. Amen!

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With love,

Jerin Koshy


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