Pray without being distressed!

Pray without being distressed!

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Prayer relieves us from our distress. But how often do we pray without feeling distressed?

“If you falter in the day of distress, how small is your strength!” – Proverbs 24:10

It often happens that when we pray we keep remembering our past which just keeps recurring again and again. This weakens our daily prayer which in turn causes our strength to diminish. Prayer is a link that has to strengthen each time we pray. The more we keep trying the more setbacks occur. We have to diffuse them in the name of Jesus Christ. Philip Yancey writes in his book Prayer about the various aspects of praying. We approach ourselves humbling before God where He gets exalted. A weak link can hamper the relationship between God and the person who prays. Regretting the loss of an opportunity lost, getting depressed over a failed attempt in life, mourning forever about the failure that set you back are all tricks of the enemy that can keep us away in achieving real success in overcoming life’s troubles. Having a calm mind can make you rejoice in the present which will make the future more easy to deal with.

An open mind that is free from the distractions of the past and the present can make ourselves more presentable in our prayer without worry. Worry causes us to break away from our promises. No distractions means no worry which in turn produces the results for us.

Jesus has said “Your father knows what you need even before you ask Him” – Matthew 6:8. That means God already knows your needs even before the need has risen.

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